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Grow smarter with location intelligence for the marijuana industry.

Regulations in the state of Washington prohibit cannabis producers and retailers from being located within 1,000 feet of schools, playgrounds, libraries, and other public facilities. Draft regulations in the City of Los Angeles impose similar restrictions.

Finding a legal location for your store or facility can be challenging enough — but what about a location that maximizes your ability to serve your customers? Geograf.io Green offers boutique location analytics consulting to help the marijuana industry grow smarter.

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Learn where it’s legal to operate.

States, cities and other government entities impose a patchwork of regulations upon the cannabis industry.  Building a successful marijuana business requires understanding how and where it is legal to do business.  Geograf.io Green’s team of analysts will help you to understand the regulations in jurisdictions near you and use cutting-edge geospatial technology methods to find all of the locations and commercial and industrial properties where you could do business.  Your business is only as strong as its understanding of the increasingly complex patchwork of regulations.

Then learn where to grow smart.

Whether you are operating a retail store, a production facility, or a delivery business, knowing your surroundings is key.  We can help you to understand the demographic and economic characteristics of current or potential customers.  We can help you maximize the reach of your current location or evaluate the potential of locations you are considering.  Using routing and drive-time analysis methods, we can help you make decisions based on how customers get to and from your stores or about how to most efficiently operate a delivery business.  With Geograf.io Green, one size does not fit all — we tailor our services and solutions to your needs and goals.

Our Analysis and Reports

What do the draft regulations for commercial cannabis in the City of Los Angeles mean for entrepreneurs?

The draft regulations for commercial cannabis in the City of Los Angeles, proposed in early June in response to the passage of Proposition 64 statewide and Measure M within the city earlier in the year, outline a series of restrictions that would (if adopted) result in most of the city being placed off-limits for licensed commercial marijuana retailers and producers.  And as the draft regulations are designed, more areas of the city will become off-limits to… Read more

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