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Explore and understand possible impacts of the marijuana industry in your community.

As the commercial cannabis industry expands in many states and communities, it is critical that planners and policymakers understand the many potential consequences for their communities. 

Some jurisdictions are eager to welcome tax revenues from commercial cannabis, while others are reluctant to allow the industry to develop locally.  Others are cautiously exploring local regulations.  Regardless of your objectives or philosophy, Geograf.io Green offers the boutique location analytics consulting your jurisdiction needs to better predict and understand the consequences of commercial cannabis.


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Explore and model the consequences of local regulations.

States, cities and other government entities impose a patchwork of regulations upon the cannabis industry.  Such regulations range from restrictions upon where marijuana-related businesses can locate, often using zoning and proximity restrictions, to outright moratoriums preventing the growth of commercial and medicinal cannabis businesses. Geograf.io’s expertise in location analytics can help you to model, evaluate, and compare various regulatory scenarios to ensure that your jurisdiction takes the smartest approach to commercial cannabis from day one.

Understand social and economic impacts.

Many jurisdictions with legal cannabis have enjoyed significant economic benefits, most notably from the sales tax revenue generated from cannabis sales.  Geograf.io Green can help you to model and project possible sales tax revenues and social and economic impacts upon your community and its neighborhoods.  We take the time to get to know your community and always tailor our services and solutions to fit your jurisdiction’s needs and goals.

Our Analysis and Reports

What do the draft regulations for commercial cannabis in the City of Los Angeles mean for entrepreneurs?

The draft regulations for commercial cannabis in the City of Los Angeles, proposed in early June in response to the passage of Proposition 64 statewide and Measure M within the city earlier in the year, outline a series of restrictions that would (if adopted) result in most of the city being placed off-limits for licensed commercial marijuana retailers and producers.  And as the draft regulations are designed, more areas of the city will become off-limits to… Read more

Geograf.io Green is your key to…

  • Exploring Regulatory Possibilities for Medical and Commercial Marijuana
  • Modeling Consequences of Regulations
  • Understanding Economic Impacts and Tax Revenues
  • Exploring Social, Demographic, and Economic Outcomes

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