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Make more green from your green.

Now that Prop. 64 is the law in California, money does grow on trees.  But to build your recreational cannabis store, production facility, or microbusiness, you need to understand where you can and should locate your new business.  Geograf.io Green can help you to understand the patchwork of regulations and optimize your location.

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You can’t pan electoral victory from the sands of the Merced River.

But you can hit political paydirt with Prospector by Geograf.io — the most innovative Web-based data-driven campaign strategy platform in California.  Get to know your district one precinct at a time, and then get to know the voters themselves with Prospector’s intuitive Web interface.

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So much to learn. So little time.

Online short courses by Geograf.io Learn offer a manageable and affordable solution for anyone looking to learn geographic information systems (GIS), mapping, or data visualization. Courses are self-paced and participants can earn badges and certificates of completion.

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