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About Geograf.io Learn

Geograf.io Learn provides innovative online courses in geospatial technology, location technology, and geographic information systems (GIS).  We offer a series of self-paced short courses that can be completed fully online.  Our short courses are project-based, ensuring that participants come away from the courses with valuable practical skills and knowledge.  

We are a team of Ph.D.-holding university educators experienced in developing and teaching online courses.  Our course developers have developed and taught numerous online courses as well as fully online GIS education programs.  Our short courses, which consist of between one and three modules of instructional resources and practical activities, represent the very best that our team has to offer in geospatial technology education — just in the form small, manageable short courses that can be completed at your own pace.

Curious about learning GIS, or ready to get started?  We recommend Getting Started with GIS: Reference Mapping, our signature free short course, as a starting point for anyone who has never mapped with QGIS previously.  All of our courses utilize free and open source software, including the popular QGIS desktop GIS platform, and you will not be expected to purchase any software to complete Geograf.io Learn short courses.